The state of Kedah, during the 19th century, was greatly influenced by her northern neighbour, Siam which in 1821 invaded the State. It was only in 1909 when the British negotiated the Anglo-Siamese Treaty that peace was restored. The British influence was established with the appointment of a British Advisor to the State and along with the British Civil Servants and Planters, came Freemasonry. As rubber estates were opened up in the central and southern region of the State, Sungai Petani (and not Alor Star) became the natural location for the Lodge.

Upon receiving the Warrant dated 1st January 1918, the date of consecration was fixed for 2nd August 1918. The then District Grand Master, Rt Wor Brother F.M. Elliot travelled from Singapore to perform the ceremony of consecration and the Lodge was simply but uniquely called THE LODGE KEDAH.

The 15 Founding Members were:

  1. Charles Geoffrey Boutcher - Chief Draftsman
  2. Richard William St. George - P.W.D
  3. Alexander William - Surveyor
  4. James Gorman - Engineer
  5. Nelson Edmund Bromehead - Agent, London Elec. Works
  6. Charles Edmund Jenkins - Marine Engineer
  7. Philip Hewitt Le Seur - Accountant
  8. Leonard William Money - Gentleman
  9. Walter Frederick Nutt - Commission Agent
  10. Charles Yule - Gentleman
  11. Frank Blackwood Sewell - Gentleman
  12. Walter John Smith - Marine Engineer
  13. Percy Julian Sproule - Civil Servant - Lawyer
  14. H J Van & Staveren Twamley - Gentleman
  15. Reginal Osman Wood - Planter

It was noted in the Pentagram of 1918 “that Lodge Kedah made Masonic history in the District for the prospective members had erected the Temple and paid for its cost even before the Consecrating Ceremony took place".

The scribe who wrote a detailed account of the consecration event also noted that “... the general consensus of opinion of the visitors was that Sungai Petani has extended to us hospitality that could not be exceeded in many a larger town“. This appears to be an inherited trait which has manifested itself over the years to the credit of generations of Lodge Kedah Brethren.

Some of the noteworthy history of Lodge Kedah (LK) is summarized below:
  • 1927 - 1st meeting of Gottlieb Lodge of Mark Master Masons held at LK
  • 1927 - First convocation of Victoria Jubilee Chapter held in LK.
  • 1941 - WW II Japanese occupation of Malaya - halt of activities.
    • Among items looted was a pair of Ashlars from King Solomon's quarries (presented to the Lodge in 1937 by WB W.J. Vickers).
    • Japanese forces occupied the building
    • Then turned into a "coolie line"
    • Later used as a goat shed
  • 1945 - Building was in a sorry state with roofing tiles fallen through due to detonation of an unexploded bomb.
  • 1946 – Meeting held at Sungai Petani Club to plan for the future.
  • 2nd Friday in July 1946 - First postwar regular meeting

    • At the Junior Flat of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank in Sungai Petani
    • Pre-war ruling Master, WB. M.B. Osman resumed duties.
    • Friday 9th August 1946 - J.J.P. Davies installed as WM by WB Baldwyn Lowick, then Deputy District Grand Master.
  • Priory Lodge No.5152 in Hertfordshire, U.K in association with Abbey Lodge No. 3341 and Tetrahedron Chapter No. 5161 replicated and sent exact copies of the pedestals of UGLE to Lodge Kedah with regalia and all other essential items in response to an appeal by WB. Lt. Col. M.E. Barrett (a former Prisoner of War interned in Malaya by Japanese army). To commemorate this happy event, a permanent granite tablet is embedded on the south wall behind the Junior Warden's pedestal, bearing the following inscription:

    • To this day, Lodge Kedah and Priory Lodge have kept in close touch.
    • In the aftermath of the Tsunami disaster (in 2004), Priority Lodge collected funds to aid victims in Kedah.
  • The immediate post-war period was marked by communist insurrection.
    • Brethren emerged from their rubber estates armed and escorted by special constables. The Lodge tyled at 3.00 p.m. and ended no later than 6.00 p.m. to beat the curfew.
  • Finally after almost two decades, peace and stability was restored and Lodge Kedah continued to progress.
    • 1957 (Independence) - Increase in number of Asian Brethren.
    • Membership further developed with influx of airmen from the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Butterworth.
  • Late 60s - Membership dwindled due to Australians handing over the base to the Royal Malaysian Air Force, resignations of Muslim Brethren for reasons beyond their control, transfers and repatriations
    • Nevertheless, the love of the craft overcame the discouraging circumstances and LK managed to reverse our fortunes.
  • 27th February 1986 - Dining Annexure officially opened by His Royal Highness the Regent of Kedah D.Y.T.M Tunku Abdul Malik, a Past Master of the Lodge (1965/6).
    • The Hall was named after His Highness
    • HH was presented with a silver key bearing the emblem of Lodge Kedah signifying that he was always welcome and at the same time to lock up our secrets in the safe and sacred repository of the heart.
    • HH reciprocated by presenting 100 dining chairs and would thereafter with the Consort, grace our Annual Ladies Night Gala as Guests of honour without fail.
  • 10th August 1991 - Dedication of Lodge Banner during Installation of WB Sockalingam (designed by WB. Lim Swee Hoe)
    • Rt. Wor. Brother Joseph William Yee Eu (District Grand Master) explained the various symbols in the Banner and summed it all up with these profound words - "This lodge can be called, the Lodge of Peace, Tranquility, Wisdom and Understanding".
  • ………. Renovation of Lodge Kedah was carried out and many brethren contributed immensely in various ways, including WBs Hardev Singh & Dato' Alagusundram who were co-chairmen of the building Committee, WB Darshan Singh Aulakh and WB Thevarayan
    • The planning phase took almost two years. Brethren of Lodge Kedah, sister Lodges and individuals contributed financially.
    • WB Dr. Khoo Boo Khean, covered close to one third of the entire cost and in appreciation the Lounge was named after him and he was conferred Honorary Membership of Lodge Kedah.
    • A Past Master of Kinta Lodge, WB Raam Kumar remarked at one time "Brethren, your Lodge not surprisingly has a mystic aura about it because even before getting to your temple, one has to negotiate two other temples and a church" at once evoking nostalgic thoughts of that famous counsel of Antient Rome, General Marcellus, who erected two temples so situated that the only avenue to the Temple of Honour lay through the one he had dedicated to Virtue.

    Long May Masonry live within the hearts of Lodge Kedah brethren.